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Foundation Partnership

Organizational Partners

We are committed to delivering tangible results through proven track record, transparent reporting, and strategic approach. Partnering with us ensures your philantropic goals are achieved while making a lasting diference in the communities we serve.  With our extensive experience in working with institutional donors and managing grants, we are well-equipped to meet your organizations funding needs. Please reach our to us - We look forward to discussing collaborations with you.

Ways to Support us

Whether you are a foundation, a non-profit organization, an embassy or a transnational organization, we are happy to talk to you and see how we can possibly work together to empower Vietnam's most disadvantaged young people. REACH has extensive experience in project management with a track record of more than ... successfuly conducted projects with mainly international partners.


Your financial contributions through grants can significantly impact our mission. They directly support our ongoing projects and initiatives, and enable us to plan ahead, ensuring sustainable growth. By funding our work, you are creating tangible change and helping us extend our reach to those most in need.

Capacity Building

Beyond financial assistance, your expertise and resources can help us grow stronger. By aiding our capacity building, you can help us improve our skills, processes, and strategies. This form of support is crucial for us to increase our effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring that we make the most of every dollar we spend.


Your network is a powerful tool. By helping us connect with other like-minded individuals, organizations, and potential donors, you can help us broaden our reach and influence. With your assistance, we can build valuable partnerships that will amplify our impact and support our mission in the long run.


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