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Vulnerable Youth Vietnam

The Challenge

Reach tackles the key challenges faced by vulnerable and marginalized young people in Vietnam. Addressing these gaps is essential to enhance the employ-ability and economic opportunities for marginalized and vulnerable youth and their families.

34% of unemployed work force is youths

More than 60% of youth works in highly vulnerable and risky informal jobs

11.3% of Vietnam's youth is not in education, training or employment

Limited Access to Technical Training & Skills

Many young people in Vietnam lack the necessary technical skills required for employment in various industries such as ICT, manufacturing, or healthcare. In addition to that, many young Vietnamese have insufficient soft skills, communication skills, and digital literacy demanded by employers. At the same time, there is a lack of available vocational training programs and courses hampers the ability of youth to acquire these job-specific skills.


Mismatch of skills and labor market demand

Many Vietnamese young people still lack formal technical training and transferable skills necessary to keep up with the 4th Industrial Revolution. Many graduates possess skills that are not aligned with the needs of employers, leading to a higher unemployment rate among young people.


Insufficient career guidance and support

Many young people lack proper guidance in choosing their field of study, leading to the pursuit of careers with low employability or ones that do not match their interests.


Prejudice about marginalized youth

Most domestic companies have concerns regarding the capabilities of vulnerable individuals which act as barrier for companies to hire them. Prejudice on their physical and mental capacities and their ability to integrate into the workforce are the main reasons.

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