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REACH Social Enterprises

In the past years, REACH has successfully founded four Social Enterprises, of which two have operated until today. These social enterprises serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they provide crucial funding to sustain our organization's initiatives, enabling us to reach more youth and create a broader impact. Secondly, they address the pressing issue of youth unemployment by creating meaningful job opportunities for those who face significant barriers to entry.

The revenue generated by these social enterprises goes directly back into our organization, allowing us to sustain our efforts and expand our reach. By investing in these enterprises, we create a cycle of positive impact—job creation leads to economic empowerment, which, in turn, strengthens the overall well-being of the youth and their communities.

EM Hair Salon

Welcome to EM Hair Salon, the first of its kind—a pioneering training social enterprise recognized globally for its impact. We're honored to be among the top 20 organizations out of 1,400 from 84 countries by the renowned Epic Foundation. Our partnership with UNEVOC and Child Fund empowers ethnic minority youth from Hoa Binh. With multiple awards, including impressive development, transparency, and effective partnerships with businesses, we combine hairstyling with social change. Experience the transformative power of beauty at EM Hair Salon.

EM Hair Salon Social Enterprise
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is a fully-owned subsidiary of the REACH charity. Together, we transform the lives of young adults in Vietnam who live in abject poverty, violent situations, suffer from a disability or have been subjected to human trafficking. We have taught more than 17,000 young men and women an occupation, and then secured them stable jobs. By teaching young adults a profession, they gain not only the tools for a prosperous career, they get the confidence for a strong start in life!

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