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REACH Students

Who We Support

Vietnam is a country with great opportunities. This is why our focus is on disadvantaged youth, who are likely to miss out on these opportunities because they have to overcome challenges that most do not have.


Our graduates, who have reached out for their own future, have demonstrated great courage and determination. Through hard work, they are turning their lives around. Meet some of our inspiring students and read their stories below.

REACH courses are designed exclusively for street and migrant youth, school dropouts, unemployed secondary school graduates and resettlement community members.



Ethnic Minority

Survivors of Gender Based Violence or Human Trafficking

Lack of Family Support


Student Success Stories

REACH Student

Cooking Class, Hanoi, 2023


"From a Small Village to Big Dreams: A Girl's Journey from Selling Home-made cakes to Becoming a Chef."

REACH Student

3D Modelling, Hanoi, 2020


"From a Village with No Power to Lighting Up Dreams: A Boy's Journey from Farming Fields to the IT field"

How we select students?

Prior to the commencement of a new course, our team initiates a recruitment campaign by collaborating with local organizations like the Youth Union. We also reach out to influential figures such as commune leaders in areas where our prospective students are likely to reside. Additionally, we proactively engage with young individuals at popular gathering spots like markets and bus stations to ensure wider outreach and participation.

We work closely with other non-profit organizations who support our target group. Our students talk to their friends and neighbors - word of mouth is a great recommendation., and our Alumni also get involved.

Collaboration with other non-profit organizations that share a similar focus and support our target group is a crucial aspect of our work. In addition, we encourage our students to engage in word-of-mouth promotion by sharing their positive experiences with their friends and neighbors, as personal recommendations can be highly influential. Furthermore, our alumni actively participate in our initiatives, contributing to the growth and success of our programs. Their involvement adds credibility and serves as a testament to the impact we make on the lives of our students.

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