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Vocational Training

REACH offers courses designed to provide quick learning and enable youths to enter high-demand labour areas efficiently. We focus on equipping students with the necessary skills to meet industry demands and secure employment opportunities.


To ensure accessibility, our target students typically receive substantial support, with tuition fees being covered from 80% to 100%. We aim to make our courses financially feasible for students from various backgrounds, allowing them to pursue their education and training without significant financial barriers.

Training Areas

Soft Skill Training

Life Skills

Communication Skills, Managing Time and Money, Team Work, Decision Making, Goal Setting

Work Readiness

Students learn job application skills as well as how to be successful in job interviews

Entrepreneurial Skills

Students learn basic skills in how to start their own business including pitching, securing funding and market access

Green Skills

Students learn different skills of environmental protection and how to integrate these in their daily life and jobs.

two REACH female students laughing

Our Beneficiaries

We serve Vietnam's youth, aged 18 to 30, particularly those who've been limited in their access to formal education due to physical constraints or societal barriers like poverty. Our services extend to individuals dealing with challenging life circumstances, from street life, migration, and ethnic minority status to experiences with domestic violence, human trafficking, and identifying as part of the LGBT community.

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