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REACH becomes an official partner in the “Digital Support Program for Young People” of Ricoh

REACH becomes an official partner in the “Digital Support Program for Young People” of Ricoh

Ricoh, a global digital services company, places a high value on social responsibility as a means of affirming its brand. To expand its impact in this area, Ricoh has partnered with REACH to support training and career guidance for disadvantaged young people through the “Digital Support Program for Young People” program in 2023. The program is designed to provide digital assistance using Ricoh and Ricoh Vietnam resources to young people experiencing work difficulties due to information gaps in a rapidly evolving digital society and to support their engagement in work. In the fourth industrial revolution, possessing computer and technology skills was extremely necessary. However, young people who don’t know how to set up a PC or have never used a keyboard to create documents will meet specific difficulties in looking for a stable job. Hence, the advancement of digitization is a factor in raising their employment opportunities and employment standards of business. For the REACH program, Ricoh Vietnam will support the Graphic design class at the REACH centre in Hue. Specifically, the program will last from April and December 2023, with primary content including Soft skills training, Technical skills training, and Follow-up support for job placement. The opening ceremony of this centre on March 31 will mark the cooperation of Ricoh, Ricoh Vietnam and REACH in the program. REACH Center in Hue was established in 2008, and it has supported thousands of disadvantaged young people to grab a stable life with IT and Graphic design careers. Therefore, the support of Ricoh will not only surely help disadvantaged young people in Hue but also neighbouring provinces have the opportunity to fulfil their technological dreams. In particular, this program can reflect the new mission and vision of Ricoh Group – “Fulfillment through Work”. REACH is a Vietnamese non-profit organization specialising in research, vocational training, career advice, and job placement services for disadvantaged Vietnamese youth. The organization started in 2004 as the Livelihood Advancement Business School (LABS), a project of Plan International in Vietnam (PLAN). Under the project, the model was well developed with training centres in some big cities in Vietnam. In view of this development and for sustainability in the long run, PLAN encouraged the establishment of an independent organization. In 2008, REACH was established as a local non-profit organization combining all of the training centres of the project in one house.

Since then, the organization has been operating for 15 years with the Vision that “All disadvantaged young people in Vietnam have the opportunities and support they need to reach their full potential”. Over 15 YEARS, we have educated over 20,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 30. Of those, we have placed more than 80% in decent employment. As such, REACH has contributed to achieving Vietnam’s SDGs and national development strategies for youth development.


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