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Bringing inspiration and Hope to children in Ha Giang

Bringing inspiration and Hope to children in Ha Giang

Last May, the team at REACH and Good Neighbor Vietnam (GNI) joined hands to create something amazing for the children of Quang Binh. We wanted to give them a special gift – the chance to break free from old ways and discover exciting possibilities.

Even with the scorching sun in Ha Giang, nothing could stop us. We visited four schools – Ban Ria, Tan Bac, Yen Thanh, and Bang Lang. We talked to the students about their dreams and what they wanted for their future. Sadly, many of them didn't know what they wanted. Some students faced challenges and didn't have access to information, and others were trapped by outdated traditions passed down through generations.

We heard stories from teachers about students who had to work far away after finishing 9th grade, and even some who got married after 8th grade. Child marriage was a big problem, stopping girls from getting an education and closing doors for their future. It felt like a never-ending cycle for many boys and girls.

But REACH is here to make a difference. We believe that by offering vocational courses and support, we can help these students find new paths and break free from the old routines.

During our visit, we set up special areas in the schools. There was a bar counter, a cooking counter, and even a free barber area. Students got to see how professionals mix drinks, create beautiful flower carvings, and learn about technology. It was an exciting experience that opened their eyes to new career possibilities.

Some of the students who have already studied at REACH came along and shared their expertise. One student, Tuan, taught the Quang Binh students how to become a bartender. He loves his job and wants to inspire others to follow their dreams too.

Even though our trip ended with concerns, we believe that taking small steps today can lead to a brighter future. We hope more students in Quang Binh will join REACH or find their own path with confidence. We are working together with GNI to support children who want to pursue vocational training and create a better future for them.


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